Ellechemy – Hypnodomme

I have been a fan of the hypnodomme Ellechemy for a while. She has a fantastic, sexy, smoldering voice that is capable of taking you way down into the depths of your subconscious. She has created an impressive syllabus of recordings that are captivating. There has been recent controversy over her decision to begin selling recordings that were previously free. Being an author of erotic fiction, I can understand her desire to get paid for her work, and her work is impressive indeed.

Ellechemy’s Website

Did I mention as a hypnodomme, she has a very sexy voice? To top it off, the production value of her recordings is very high, as her voice echoes directly into your subconscious. She is proficient at whipping a submissive man into a frothing cauldron of sexual desire in no time, only to deny you in service to her.

Her recordings will appeal to those into submitting to an unknown, yet an enthralling woman. If you want somebody to control your sexuality completely, Ellechemy is somebody to look at. If you have the money to pay for her recordings, I would say it is well worth your time to check her out.

She is a real artist and being one myself; I would urge those that can to support their artists. For those of you light in the wallet, her work can be found for free if you dig deeply, though I again urge you to support an artist of her quality!

One thought on “Ellechemy – Hypnodomme

  • February 10, 2017 at 11:05 pm

    She sounds absolutely sexy, though I found nothing for a female on her site. She is hot though!