eSuccubus – Free Erotic Hypnosis MP3s For Men & Women

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eSuccubus is a website replete with free erotic hypnosis recordings, along with samples of other paid recordings available through Mistress Elena’s Patreon page.   Her recordings are usually very smooth, and her voice soothing and quite honestly, sensual.  She spans many forms of eroticism, non-sexual self-help, and has a large number of erotic stories done through hypnotic visualization.

You can literally lose yourself in her voice, so it is easy to see many people “going deep” with her.  If you have never listened to one of her works before, visit her website at the link up top and go to the “Files” menu and choose “Free Files Only” and choose one that suits your fancy.

A final note: I have never heard her or heard of her trying to entrap and ensnare followers and force them to pay her money to undue some kind of curse.  I remember seeing a free file on her site to help undo anything it is you think she has done.  I consider her trustworthy.

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