Fun Scene From a Bogged Down Story

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It has been a while since Melaina Andreadis has spent time in Atlanta.  Growing up in a very wealthy Greek family, she was always jet-setting around the world with her parents, spending time in Athens, Paris, New York, Tel-Aviv, Sydney, etc. Her last six months were spent secluded in her small chateau outside of Paris, trying to recover from the sudden departure of her husband, David.  Now she is on an Airbus, descending through the moist July air northeast of Atlanta.

“What a wuss!” she thinks, with a scowl on her face, “He could have had the decency to talk to me instead of totally disappearing and sending those damned divorce papers!”  She briefly thinks they could have reached a compromise that could keep them together before she once again remembers it was her self-centered approach to their relationship that had driven him away. “No Melaina,” she admonishes herself silently, “you were too insensitive with him.  A submissive needs love too, and you were a cold-hearted little bitch with him.”

A solitary tear rolls down the shallow valley between her classically shaped Greek nose and her rosy cheek as the pilot announces in his baritone, but accent-free voice, “We are now entering Atlanta airspace and are beginning our descent. Thanks for flying Air France and enjoy your stay.” She opens her purse and grabs a soft white tissue and dabs at the tear gently, afraid of smearing her makeup.

The man in the first-class seat next to her notices her tear as she tries to blot it from existence, along with her sad expression and looks at her with deep empathy.   He obviously knows that look.

She holds her hand up firmly, but politely as if to say “Please don’t ask.” and he turns away, still concerned for the beautiful young woman seated next to him.  He thinks it is a shame that anybody could upset a creature this graceful and fetching.  Melaina is a vision of beauty, even with a pained expression on her face.

She does not want to talk about her sudden separation with a stranger. There are aspects of it that not everybody can understand. Heck, she doesn’t even know why she is the way she is.

Maybe she should change her ways? No, being a strong-willed, passionate, and a dominant female was what defined her romantic and sexual life. There is no changing it! She stifles more tears as they try to break free from her eyelids and spill forth from her bright, blue eyes.

After circling the airport for twenty minutes, the pilot puts the plane down on the runway without so much as a bump.   Atlanta is where her corporate headquarters are, as well as her 24-year-old sister, Kyra, who she loves dearly, and her primary home.  It is time for her to return to both.

She is delayed as she walks toward the exit ramp, purse in hand, as the pilot and co-pilot emerge from the cockpit and head out in front of her. The pilot is ruggedly handsome, but he has a beard, which despite being well kept and attractive on him, disqualifies him in her eyes.

She likes a hairless face, as well as most other parts of her men.  It irritates her during oral sex, which is her preferred method to get off.  When she notices her eyes scanning the pilot, she realizes she wants a real, live man that night, and not a vibrator, like the previous six months before.

Examining the co-pilot’s face and body, she finds him to be absolutely yummy! His face is strong and masculine, well shaved, and he has a pair of muscular buttocks.  It also helps that he is in a uniform, and his cologne smells incredible!

She thinks, “Why not? You’re not married anymore Lani!” Needing something to break the ice, she “accidentally” drops her purse, making a loud thumping noise as it hits the ground.  It spills half of its contents onto the ramp and in the direction of her most current love interest.

She must have forgotten to zip the main compartment after getting her tissue. “Oh crap!” she exclaims, as her small pink vibrator rolls into the foot of the co-pilot. This is not exactly a textbook maneuver to meet a man. “You gotta be kidding me! What an ice breaker!” she thinks to herself, cheeks turning cherry red.  She wants to go back to her seat, pull up her knees, and hide her head in shame!

They simultaneously bend over to pick up the pink object that collides with his foot.  Melaina, hoping to get it in her hand before he can identify what it is, only succeeds in making matters worse by hitting his forehead with her own.

The co-pilot yelps out loud as his big hand wraps around the tiny pink vibrator. Lani begins profusely apologizing as he says in a strong French accent with a boyish grin on his face, “Ma’am, here is your … well, you know.”

Normally she has an unflappable demeanor and is quick on her feet, but this went beyond a simple “oops.”  Here is this stranger, as blatantly attractive as he is, holding a sex toy that had been inside of her body a couple of hours before she left Paris.  If he was to sniff it, he could probably smell her intimate juices on it.

“Thanks.” she mumbles, straightening her long, brunette tresses, trying to draw his attention away from her most recent “boyfriend.”

“Sorry about bumping your head monsieur,” she says, giggling a little.  “It’s ok ma’am,” he says, still grinning, but managing to suppress outright laughter.  That would have been awkward for both.

“Lani,” she says confidently, feeling a bit more at ease. Regaining her composure, she asks him “Now that I have shared something so intimate with you, would it be appropriate to ask what your plans are for the night?” They resume walking after he hands the device back to her and she puts it away. This time she remembers to zip up the purse.

“My name is Beau, and yes, it is okay for you to ask. Unfortunately, I have a date with Stephanie tonight, so I will have to decline your tempting offer,” he replies, somewhat sadly, while looking back at an attractive, blonde flight attendant. Lani concludes that she is Stephanie and disappointed, inquires “Unfortunately you say? Then why go out with her?”

Making it inside the terminal, Beau stops and explains, “I did not mean it that way…Lani. I am fortunate to have a date with her, but it is unfortunate that I will not have the opportunity to get to know you, especially considering you have shared something so intimate with me! I appreciate your offer and find myself sad to turn down such a fascinating and stunning woman.”

Lani looks particularly dazzling despite spending hours on a plane crossing the Atlantic. She always dresses impeccably, wearing the finest designer clothing. Her success in business is not due to her inherited wealth; rather it is her commanding presence and her eloquence.

“Pity,” Lani says with a sexy pout, “I was looking to replace that little pink thing with something tall, dark, and French. Alas, I shall have to buy new batteries.” She moves towards him, her face so close to his he can feel her breath on his lips and places her business card in his shirt pocket.

She adds in perfect French, “Voici ma carte. Pensez à moi ce soir quand vous êtes à l’intérieur Stephanie.” which translates to “Here’s my card. Think of me tonight when you’re inside Stephanie.”  That brings a huge grin to his face.  He is going to have a hard time thinking of Stephanie while he is trying to do his business.

He thinks, “Wow, she’s hot!  It is a pity!”  Stephanie is gorgeous as well, but not anywhere near as bright and would stand no chance against this woman in a battle of wits, but she’s always there for him after a flight, and they have a history.  That, and she gives a fantastic blowjob.  He groans in frustration and walks away, feeling a tightness in his pants.

Watching him walk away slowly Lani is proud of the way she turns men into simmering cauldrons of lust.  He is incredibly aroused by their conversation and is thrown way off balance.  He would definitely be imagining Lani, as he was having passionate sex with that flight attendant.

On the one hand, she pitied Stephanie, who would be none the wiser about why Beau seems more wound up more than usual.  But on the other, she envied her for getting the result of the heightened lust Lani was responsible for creating.

Wielding sexual power over men always makes Melaina Andreadis very horny.  Heck, exercising any authority over men makes her wet and ready.  For her, it was an addiction, an overwhelming desire to pull the strings of her puppets.

* * * * * *

“Oh my God, that is so funny!” Kyra sat up on the white leather couch upon which she had been lounging. Lani’s tale of near-seduction grabbed her attention.  “A hot, French airline pilot hands over your vibrator that you used earlier that day. L-O and L!” Kyra liked speaking as if she was texting. Sometimes Lani needed a dictionary of common texting acronyms to understand her. “Did you at least get his cell number?”

With a sigh, Lani replied “Nope. It was not for lack of trying. I did give him my business card.”  Lani then explains the follow-up conversation with him.  Kyra’s mouth opens wide in awe of how her big sister turned the whole thing around and got into this guy’s head.  She closes her mouth and looks at her big sister with a beaming sense of pride. She wanted to grow up to be just like Lani!  “You are such an evil cock-teasing bitch, Lani!  You are my hero!”

Grinning with pride and looking like the Cheshire Cat, Lani says “Don’t be too impressed. Men are stupid creatures Kyra, easy to charm, and even easier to get into bed.  I only do that when I am sick of screwing my vibrator collection and believe me; I am sick of my stinking vibrator collection.”

Kyra sarcastically replies, “Okay then, dibs on your Sybian!” She had always meant to get one for herself but keeps forgetting whenever she has the time and available funds.  She is on an allowance that Lani is in charge of distributing.

2 thoughts on “Fun Scene From a Bogged Down Story

  • January 14, 2017 at 8:31 am

    I would be so embarassed if that happened to me. Hope you finish this story one day- I would like to see more of her. What she said in french was awesome. Nice comeback.

    • January 14, 2017 at 8:40 am

      You’ll see a lot of her in the new volume of Tales of High Tech Female Dominance. It is about the application of technology, mostly nano-tech, to the realm of Female Domination and Male Chastity.

      I like the book I lifted this from, it was actually from the beginning. I just felt like parts of it were rushed or “too convenient” to further the plot. When I have time I will likely reboot this book. I just had to share that scene, because I really enjoyed writing it.

      Her sister Kyra is pretty neat as well. She’s a party girl with a reputation for getting around, but she is nothing like her sister. She is sweet and playful, and horny.

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