Games of Chance – New Erotic Short Story by JR Scott

54 copies given away on Feb 20nd – Feb 22!


Sometimes while writing erotic stories, you stumble upon an idea for an interesting erotic short story. That happened to me last week as I was browsing stock photos for potential covers. The story of Linda and Greg sprang forth; commanding me to start writing before I lose the inspiration. This inspiration drove me to finish the story within one weekend.

Basic Premise

Linda, the new hot chick at school challenges Greg, the hotshot poker player and beats him. Not willing to admit she is better than he is, he continues to bet. Eventually, all he has left to put up is himself for the weekend. He loses, and Linda takes command quickly, spanking him publicly for hesitating to kneel before her.

Linda sees that Greg is unable to control his urge to gamble, and uses that to enslave him even longer. She invents a series of sexy games he cannot win, and soon, she owns the key to his sex and his heart.


I hope to finish this week and publish on Amazon Kindle within seven days. It will be a short story, and I will charge $1.49 for it.
Like I mention above, I felt possessed to finish and release this short eBook over the weekend. It is a little shy of 10,000 words of mostly steamy, erotic text, with a focus on the sex, and little in the way of scenery or plot twist. You get to watch a naughty, cute girl teach an arrogant and womanizing boy a lesson of humility that only female domination can deliver.

As always, Kindle Unlimited Readers can borrow the book for free. Otherwise, I priced it at $1.49 to buy. Here is the Amazon link where it can be found – Link to Book. As of this writing, the book is still under review but will appear soon.


Once all the women have had a chance to submit their suggestions, Linda again gets their attention. “Okay, I am putting the ideas into this vase and will pull three from there and do them to Gregory this weekend.” She whispers to Gregory, “You are so screwed. Women can be very nasty.”

She reaches in and grabs a small slip of paper and announces, “Cut his penis off…oh, come on ladies! Disqualified. I’m not gonna do that!” Gregory smiles, happy Linda has a conscience.

He is seconds away from cumming, and she stops abruptly, and slaps his testicles, telling him, “Get used to this slave. Every time you want to cum, I will cause you excruciating pain instead.” She laughs somewhat maniacally, sending a fresh wave of chills down his spine.

2 thoughts on “Games of Chance – New Erotic Short Story by JR Scott

  • February 13, 2017 at 8:41 pm

    Just read this end to end JR. You have a thing for those hot borderline psycho chiks, don’t you? I’m assuming that is Linda it the pic? Hot!

    I thought the ending was kind of cool with them passively denying their love for one another. After that hot intercourse scene, the way they hugged and kissed afterwards gave it away. They love each another, don’t they?

    (am I allowed to use the f word here by the way? I don’t want to make you guys mad!)

  • February 13, 2017 at 9:15 pm

    Heh heh, Dino! 🙂 The funny thing is that my wife is one of the most stable chicks out there. And yes, the cover is supposed to be Linda and Greg (in cuffs). I just love her expression in the picture, like she is saying, “Dude! You did not just let me lock these!”

    Don’t go giving away the ending…aww, who am I kidding? In a Femdom short read, either they are going to fall in love, and she mistreats him because he likes it, or they don’t, and she still abuses him to keep him in line. Right? The story is too short to work on a surprise ending if I wanted to portray lots of hot sex like I did.

    Regarding the “F” word, you might notice I used it more in this story. It was a function of what I felt Linda’s personality was. I see in her a carefree 21-year-old, letting herself loose as opposed to a vulgar, foul-mouthed person. Note she only uses that word either to incite passion or in the throes of passion, not as a swear word.

    Personally, I hold the word to a higher standard than most. I prefer to see it used to excite a lover, express passion, or describe intercourse that can only be called a “fuck” as opposed to “making love.” To me, lovemaking is tender; fucking, not so much. Not to say I have not said it in anger before, but I promise, I feel just horrible afterward. 😉

    I’m not going to censor people here, but I am not going to let the site turn into a sewer either. Use your best judgment.