Revised Book – Games of Chance – Femdom and Tease & Denial

Games of Chance – Linda Wins the King of Diamonds
Linda tease Greg

Today, I uploaded a new revision of Games of Chance – Linda Wins the King of Diamonds to Amazon Kindle. There’s a significant amount of added wording to make the sex even more explicit and descriptive. Now, you can peek inside the brain of the characters to hear their thoughts, sense their emotions, and sense their ecstasy or suffering. The story still contains much tease and denial.

While the book pleased me to begin with, I still wanted more excitement and arousal.  Being a programmer by day, I get excited by information, but realize many of my readers don’t. So, I put myself in the place of my characters and described what was happening. It’s a concept writers call “Show – don’t tell.”

More Descriptive

It’s not enough to say, “they screwed like bunny rabbits.” So, I added descriptive text, like “As she presses him down onto the mattress, her hot, slick pussy coats his manhood with slippery lubrication.” Another example: “In response, he thrust upward into her gaping womb.” Not bad, but consider: “Delirious from ecstasy, he’s unable to control his hips and drives his tool upward, tickling the walls of her slippery tunnel. Her womanhood ignites in passion, sending a shower of sparks straight to her clit, eliciting high pitched squeals from her throat.”


She returns, saying in a teasing voice, “I’m sorry, all there is for breakfast are bananas, although I can make them tastier!” She inserts a peeled banana inside her dripping pussy and pulls it out, forcing it into his waiting mouth.

Although repulsed at the notion of swallowing semen, he allows the fingers between his loosened lips. Upon tasting the salty mess, he swallows hard, nearly gagging. Despite the tremendous urge to barf, he gobbles up the stringy sperm, overjoyed when she removes her hand.


Linda teases and torments Greg without mercy throughout this story. Due to the psychological impact of tease and denial games upon a man’s ego, his brain develops a need for her to provide his only outlet; one more tease!

Writing this revision stirred my juices, and I’m sure it’ll have the same effect on you. Please, visit Amazon.Com by clicking on the picture of the title, above left, and either purchase or borrow this eBook through the Kindle Store.

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