Remote Control Volume I – Owned From Afar

Of all the books I have published, this book is by far my favorite.  It follows the evolution of a marriage into a Female Led Relationship (FLR) with dark elements of bondage and submission.  A bored husband named Andrew dabbles in erotic femdom, and his wife Holly catches him in the act.

Holly comes off as prudish due to her heavy work schedule and timidness towards her husband but has been concealing an interest in FLR since they met.

Realizing that Andrew has become a far better spouse since listening to the online dominatrix, she encourages him to continue and downloads materials supporting and training dominant women.  Before long, the couple is into a serious 24/7 FLR.

Feeling the need for more personalized support from “Mistress Malena,” Holly arranges a weekend of intense training.  Malena interviews them separately and creates a lesson plan to make Andrew more compliant while removing Holly’s hesitation to put her own needs first at all times.

At the urging of Malena, Holly joins a group of like-minded women, and that’s when it gets serious.

Your husband wants you to own him.  To truly own him.  He wants you to do whatever is necessary to train him to obey your every wish, every command without thought or hesitation.  He wants this.  You want to see him happy.  And wouldn’t it be nice to have a personal slave to do your bidding without question?

To brush your hair, put on your makeup, clean your house, wash your body, make your food, massage your tension away, make you cum?  Mmmmm, that would feel good right?  Make you happy?  You know happiness is good for your health, right?  If you are happy, then he will be happy too!

So, do you not owe it to yourself to bend Andrew’s will to be your own?  To make him lose himself to you, so you are one?  Is that not why we marry one another?  To be one mind, one flesh?

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