Succubus Reborn – Free Kindle eBook March 8 – 12

Succubus Reborn free Kindle eBook

Succubus Reborn FREE Kindle eBook promotion!
March 8 through March 12, 2017!

If you read this free Kindle eBook before last month, you may want to download again! A new chapter was added to the beginning to provide more context, and Kali’s human host makes herself known as well. The changes are not significant enough to warrant a new book, but I think you will enjoy them regardless!

If you have not read this book, there is no better time than now to check it out! And if you have read it using Kindle Unlimited borrowing, you can now keep it on your reading device for free!

Download it from as soon as possible! Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to get free, quality erotica! Various forms of sexuality are explored: Tease and Denial, Male Chastity, Female Chastity, Bondage and Discipline, Sadism, Masochism, Facesitting, Cunnilingus, Blowjobs, Handjobs, Mind Control and Erotic Hypnosis, Bisexuality, Sexual Torture, and more!

Kali’s last fifty years have been Hell since turning her over to my finest generals and torture engineers. Gah! We used to call them torturers, plain and simple.

True, “Political Correctness” was my invention if only to drive the Father and His followers nuts. But now the idea has invaded even Hades, and we use gender-specific terms or euphemisms. “Engineers” my ass! They’re just mean assholes doing evil, painful things to others.

To my surprise, they’re not called “Mood Technicians,” or worse. What a bunch of lily-livered twits!

– Lucifer

The other personality in my body is bristling at his advances, scared the men will rape us. I explain that nobody touches us without permission, which I have not given yet. Again, I implore her to watch and stay silent as my plan unfolds.

With an erotic gaze, I stare into Joe’s eyes, then slither a hand inside his jeans. Upon reaching its destination, the hand grips tight the small, erection it finds and teases and slides, while I pant into his ear. “You can’t handle me, Joe. In fact, you are ready to cum hard, right now!”
The voice inside once more says, “eww!” In all honesty, I must agree with her as Joe is no prize and ask for more patience since the plan is nearing a successful completion.

Saying “Wha…” Joe empties a gooey load of sperm into his underwear, which produces an embarrassing wet spot between his legs. Tingly sensations appear in my palm and spread toward the arm, then throughout my entire body! His pleasure mixed with fear recharges my new form! Joe’s exhausted body crumples to the ground as he faints. The now satisfied voice inside sighs with delight at the new sensation.

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