Tales of High Tech Female Dominance – Volume II Published

I have just published the second book in the series titled – Tales of High-Tech  Female Dominance.  It is a compendium of 10 short stories about the use of nanobots and hypnosis in the world of Femdom.  Here is the link to the eBook on Amazon.  Remember, if you sign up for Kindle Unlimited, which costs $10 per month, you can read thousands of eBooks like this for free!  Of course, the authors of these books don’t mind if you purchase the eBooks outright.  The price of this exciting new book is $4.99 US.

This eBook contains ten stories involving the use of nanotechnology to create tiny robots to enhance female led relationships, particularly those involving tease and denial and male chastity.  One couple overcomes the security issues of today’s chastity cages first by using a PA piercing, then discovering and using ChastityWeld, a nanobot paste that merges flesh and metal.

Goddess Julie transforms her very obedient husband into her lesbian girlfriend using specialized nanobots.

Julie’s boss Lani gives her adoring husband Daniel a larger penis, only to take it away later when he allows her baby sister to seduce him.

One story involves the use of high-tech hypnosis to convince an unwilling submissive to do something his partner has always wanted to do.  While it is not nanobot related, it fits the high-tech theme of the book well.

There is even a story involving dual-gendered aliens who find the future gynarchy on Earth fascinating. Despite having both sets of sexual organs, they learn how to experiment with this exciting new lifestyle and bring it back to their planet.

The book finishes with a look at a September-May romance between a recently divorced woman named Lexa and a young, submissive man.  Something happens to the key to his cage, and you don’t want to miss what happens next.  Did I forget to mention that Lexa is a little unbalanced because of her ex-husband dumping her for a younger woman?

Within the first day of release, this book has almost outperformed my other two books combined – for the entire month of January!  I enjoyed writing this book very much, and know you will enjoy reading it!

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