The Subjugation of Daniel Matthews

I have two books that have been gathering dust on my writing shelf.  One is a Romantic Erotica / Science Fiction story with lots of vanilla sex and time travel.

The other, is a Femdom Erotica / Science Fiction story that features my favorite character, Lani Andreadis and loads of sexual servitude, boot-licking, chastity, and sexual torture.

After releasing Remote Control Volume I and seeing good sales, I decided to merge the storylines and rework much of what I had done regarding Lani and Daniel.  The primary focus of this eBook will be how Lani and Daniel become inseparable.  But I also wanted to involve Lani in The Association as an Elder and give more scope to the saga of the Sironians, a humanoid/lizard race of dominant females that is travelling to Earth inside a hollowed out asteroid turned into a “generation-ship”.

I don’t expect this installment of the story to take too long, as I have a lot of erotic material to inject into the story from my previous attempts.  Merging it in a believable fashion with The Association and the Sironians will take up most of my time.

I am already mostly print-ready with the first five chapters and do not expect to double back to rework much of it, though who knows as the story evolves.  If you have read my post titled “Fun Scene From a Bogged Down Story”, then you already have had a sneak peek at chapter one of Subjugation.

After this book is done, I will likely return to create Remote Control Volume II, then work on Time After Time, which is that first book I mentioned at the beginning of this post.

I think you will like Subjugation’s characters as much as Remote Control’s.  Lani is 49% Angel and 51% bitch, and her sister Kyra is 50% Angel and 50% Slut.  Lani exudes confidence and is yet humble, loving and callous at the same time.  Kyra is unsure of herself, but outwardly cocky, and has a problem saying “No” to sex and alcohol, but loves life and most everybody she meets.  Kyra admires her older sister while being envious of everything about her.  Lani dislikes much about her sister, but would die if anything bad happened to her and loves her greatly.

Daniel is a clean cut young man, who is ever-evolving in my mind during this rewrite.  In my first attempt at this book, his Christianity caused him tons of problems with Lani and was the primary motivator for his story arc.   I just have a problem with him going all-in, being a “religious” Christian, with Lani.  The new book uses his Christian background to point out reasons for why he is what he is, and he will be more spiritual and non-dogmatic.  I don’t think too many erotica fans want to read religion, and I don’t think a lot of religious people want to read erotica.  Spiritualism and personal belief, I think, work much better than dogma in this genre of storytelling.

As always, I leave with a quote from the work in progress:

Lani grabs his shoulders and squeezes them, saying, “Oh, and I don’t do waxed nipples. That’s so passé”.

(Daniel is interviewing Lani for FLR Magazine)

Lani: (stifling a tear) I will consider questions about my ex-husband off limits, for now, Daniel.  Please understand, it is too soon.  (a tear sneaks out and runs down her cheek)

Daniel:  Sorry, Mistress Lani.  Here.  (handing her a tissue) I really did not expect to see you…

Lani: Cry?  I know, right?  I’m getting hypnotic therapy for that.  Crying over a man is humiliating, even if it is one I married before enslaving.

(Hannah’s slave Paul is dinner entertainment for the Association meeting in Lani’s dungeon)

The remote is programmed and Paul’s entire body arches forward as far as it can, as he screams loudly, over and over into his gag. The hood does its job well, hiding the look of abject horror on his face, his eyes wanting to bulge from their sockets, nostrils desiring to flare!

His chains rattle now, and the sound joins the cacophony of noises caused by the electricity wracking his torso with pain. He can no longer feel his nipples and worries they are dead. The lack of sensation there is made up for by the feeling that his entire pelvis is ablaze.

2 thoughts on “The Subjugation of Daniel Matthews

  • February 11, 2017 at 10:35 pm

    This work is moving along at a decent pace despite all of the interruptions life keeps tossing my way. Well over 80 new pages written and about 40 pages merged in from existing text. I’m pausing writing temporarily to take another look at the ordering of scenes and to make sure both the main plot of the book and the plot of the series are well taken care of. I’ll upload another excerpt from the story soon, once I have something I know won’t have to change much later on.

  • February 21, 2017 at 9:27 pm

    Up to about page 130 or so. Main characters are well developed and two characters that had previously bit roles have been expanded into real characters as opposed to side-notes.