Under by Treaty

Under By Treaty

I’ve been so busy lately editing and writing that I have had little time to read books by other authors.  This morning I refused to get out of bed until I finished this one.  The basic premise of the story is that a General from Earth must accompany a beautiful reptilian/human woman to her homeworld to be turned over to her “Qui” to save the planet.

She takes it upon herself to ready him for the experiences he will be put through as her consort.  It is a tough assignment, involving torture and sex.  They fall for one another, despite being enemies, which keeps them from remaining together.  There are well written and believable plot twists to be had.

This book is one of a large set, and I will read more.  This book is definitely worth a read.  It contains sex, love, devotion, torture, and political intrigue.  If you are just looking for sex scenes to titillate, the book may wear on, but if you like plot with your erotica, this book will satisfy you.

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